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The Deities of Creation

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The Deities of Creation Empty The Deities of Creation

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:23 pm

At the beginning of creation, when there was nothing but a deep darkening of space, three entities were created. Together these Deities created the lands of Light and Darkness, Heaven and Hell, and the Land and Sea.

Rixanvir was the first Deity ever to be created. Born into a vast world of black. With a wave of his hand he created a land for him to stand upon. With another wave he created stars to light up his sky. For years that was enough, but he soon became lonely. With a few days worth of work, he created a second Deity who became his wife. Her name was Lilliasenrein, and with her husbands help, created the mountains, forests, plains, and seas.

Lilliasenrein was happy, but she desired to have beautiful creatures to run around in her land. And with that she created the animals. They took the forests, the mountains and the grasslands by the hundreds. Rixanvir began to wish for animals to roam his beautiful skies and created the birds. For years after the two deities and their animal companions reveled in the beauty of their land, and all was peaceful. But soon, the souls of the dead animals became to much for the land, and the land in turn began to suffer.

After pondering for a solution, Rixanvir created his brother Syvekraz. Syvekraz was given the task to create a safe haven for all the lost souls of the dead animals. So he created Heaven, which in turn created a powerful illuminating light across the beautiful land. This light led the dead souls to heaven so that they may rest for ever in eternity in its endless domain. But all was not well, for some souls chose to ignore the light and continue to ravage the land. So, Syvekraz created Hell to forcefully bind these souls to an afterlife.

Years past and some creatures began to complain that the land was always covered in light that was casted down by the Heaven. So Lilliasenrein created the clouds so that there might be shade. Then she went further and created the winds and rain to further cool off the animals. But still the land was to warm for them, so using all her might, Lilliasenrein created Winter. The animals thought that the season was to cold, and began to yearn for season that were a balance of both. And so Lilliasenrein created Autumn and Spring so that the animals may live in all kinds of weather.

And so the land was peaceful once again, a land that three Lords of Creation named Ecalphri.

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