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The High Deities of Power

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The High Deities of Power Empty The High Deities of Power

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:24 pm

The three Lords of creation began to ponder about the aspect of creating more beings to help them rule over their Kingdom. The first of these was the Goddess Nescea. Nescea developed a powerful light that governed all that was good and prosperous in the world. But Syvekraz deemed it had to much power and he created Antegorvsi to rule over a darkness that would counterbalance the light. But these two realms soon became intertwined in constant turmoil and a third deity was created. This Deity was named Hemesth, and he was neither light nor darkness. Heesth's role was to balance both the light and the dark in a single entity of union, and he did so well.

And all was well until the fateful day when Antegorvsi snuck behind the Gods backs and created an eternal darkness, the Moon. Using the moon, he cast away the light from the world and plunged Evil into its depths. The Gods immediately took action against this and using Nescea's powers of light, helped her to create the Sun. Restoring the light for the most part, but the moon has still gained a small portion of time. These time periods are called Day, when the Sun ruled over the land, and Night when the Moon was high in the sky.

Then, the two Deities of Light and Darkness began to feud over the governing Laws of conflict. And out of their bickering wars the deities Rixanvir, Lilliansenrein, Nescea, Antegorvsi, and Hemesth each created a governing Deity.

The First of these five Deities was Kridonus who governed the Law's of Ecalphri and to promote the unity within its boundaries. He then created, and took for his wife the Goddess of Order Aduli. Together they governed the laws of the land. Kepping the balance of order and unity.

The Second Deity was named Ontenus, who governed over the Chaos of the realm. He was joined soon afterwards by his created wife, the Goddess of Destruction, Xyrva. They combated against the will of Kridonus and Aduli, counterbalancing their Law with Chaos.

The Third and Fourth Deities to be named were Phealusagei, the God of Good, and Heractain, the God of Darkness. Phealusagei worked alongside Kridonus and Aduli with his wife Suseirn to withstand against the evil ambitions of Heractain and his wife Aialosi. They were always in constant conflict and turmoil. Neither side gaining nor giving ground.

Though the last, and final Deity created in this line was named Minsivil, who in turn created his wife Lemenia. These two, the God of Neutrality and the Goddess of the Fair guarded each side against one another. Taking no side, these two Deities were perhaps the saviors of the destruction of the world.

Then, Syvekraz bestowed an almighty gift upon the Deities of Light and Darkness. Though the Gods also governed many things on top of their chosen domains, there was one that was of most importance. And it was given only the Chosen Six to guide its role. The deciding of Life and Death.

Nescea and Antegorvsi were the first to be bestowed the honor. These two Deities in turn bestowed their powers upon a single pair of their Lesser Deities. Nescea chose Kridonus and Aduli to help her lead in the decisions of giving and preserving Life. While Antegorvsi bestowed Ontenus and Xyrva to help him govern the passages of Death.

Years later, the Goddess Lilliansenrein created four Deities to govern her four elemental seasons. These four gods, though lesser in power to other High Deities, were of the most highest powers within the land. The Air God Cevern took to the skies, taking control of Autumn's passage. Second was Karraen, the Goddess of Water who took to the seas. Emerging only to begin and end the control of Winter. The Third and Fourth Gods were brothers named Nestelordan and Ysenest. The Earth God Nestelordan governed the calm spring from the peaks of his mountains as his brother Ysenest governed the Element of Fire within the time of Summer.

With all these new Gods and Goddess in their rightful, governing place, the three Lords of creation deemed it time for a new era to arrive. The Era of Being.

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