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The Ethereal and Subliminal Planes

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The Ethereal and Subliminal Planes Empty The Ethereal and Subliminal Planes

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:57 am

These two planes are both here and not here. Here you will find all the information needed for traveling within each plane, as well as entering, exiting, and existing within them respectively.


The Ethereal Plane is dominated by the Spirit of a character. When one enters the Ethereal Plane, one is using his spiritual body rather than his real body. It is the land of Ghosts and Specters. It exists only to those who can see behind its hidden veil.

  • Traveling within the Ethereal is a easy process if one knows how to do so. When one chooses to access the Ethereal Plane he is in fact giving up his material body for his spiritual one. To do this at will, a character must have a wisdom or intelligence score of 20 or higher. To travel within the Ethereal one does not walk as they would in the Material Plane, but rather 'think' of walking and travel in that sense.

  • Existing in the Ethereal Plane is different from existing in the Material Plane. In the Ethereal, one does not retain their physical or magical abilities. For the Ethereal Plane is based only on thought.


The Subliminal Plane is dominated by the Soul of a character. When one enters the Subliminal Plane he enters it within the conscience of his own mind. It is the plane of thoughts and dreams, where the subconscious and conscious of all living beings exist.

  • Traveling in the Subliminal Plane is not an option. One does not travel within the Subliminal Plane, for it is within the consciousness of the self rather than a separate plane. In the sense, a character who has entered the Subliminal still exists on the material plane, but his soul is gone. ((**Lights are on but no one's home.**))

  • Existing in the Subliminal is a hard process that requires an immense amount of concentration. Any disturbance to the body that resides on the Material Plane could ultimately disrupt the connection of one that is not a master of such concentration.

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