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Vakrah Empty Vakrah

Post  Arou on Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:27 am

Vakrah Nightm10

The cruel hearted Vakrah is the last thing anyone wants to have flittering through their mind. Created in the Subliminal, this creature has hence since traveled the world in search of the sleeping ones. Waiting for their chance to tear unsuspecting men and women apart from within their mind.

The Vakrah is a form of Demon or Ghost that has bronze colored skin and a malicious grin of sharpened teeth. A few have horns that grow from their skulls, but most just have the glowing red eyes that is known to be the last thing a tortured person sees. With a varying height and weight class, these Vekrah can take the form of most anything. It is said that only those who can use the Subliminal or Ethereal Planes have the ability to fight this creature off.

Nothing is known about the Vekrah's society, for no one has ever been able to sit down and talk with one, let alone two or three. It is said that there once was a woman who had been lifted above the ground and torn to shreds by invisible forces. Information gathered from that could incite that their society is one of harsh greed and competition.

Chaotic Evil

Subliminal, Ethereal

Strength: 11 / +0
Dexterity: 8 / +0
Wisdom: 20 / +4
Intelligence: 25 / +5

Hit Points: 550
Armor Class: 2

Special Abilities / Combat:
A Vekrah attacks only sleeping targets. It will first cast a paralyzing spell upon the target, so that it may not be able to move. Then it sits down upon the targets chest and uses its Psionic powers to render the target speechless.

Paralyzing Spell (Magic): Paralyzes target for five turns
Speech Render (Psionic): Renders the target speechless until contact is removed.

Uncommon Unarmed: While sitting, the Vekrah does 10 damage each round.

A target who wears either a piece of wood from an elder tree, or a nail taken from a tomb cannot be touched by a Vekrah.

When there is nothing to gain by quitting except defeat....why quit?
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