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The Black Crowns

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The Black Crowns Empty The Black Crowns

Post  Arou on Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:59 pm

This Guild takes only those who revel in the path of darkness.


  • Level 30
  • Any Evil Alignment
  • Have killed / mortally wounded another (Provide Quote of Instance)
  • Have proven your worth as a upholder of chaos (Provide Quote)


Long ago, a fierce war raged between the forces of good and evil. The Gods and Goddesses of both sides ravaging their homeland as they fought. This war was soon sent to the material world, where warriors of both sides took up the mantle and fought each other.

It was then that the order of Black Crown's came to be. Daedrins that ravaged the fields of war in the blood of their enemies. Cruel and merciless, the Black Crown's were said to even fight alongside the Demons of the worst kind.

Ranking System:
The carnage that comes from the Black Crown's does not come from a single sword alone. It is the collection of bloody blades slashing their way through the fields of battle that give the Black Crown their legacy.

Rank Title / Qualifications:

  • First Moon / None
  • Lunar's Second / Level 35
  • Lunar's Crescent / Level 40
  • Lunar's Shadow / Level 50 with 50 reputation
  • Lunar's Darkness / Level 60 with 100 reputation
  • Lunar's Abyss / Level 60 with 200 reputation
  • Darkness of the Abyss / Level 70 with 300 reputation

  • Dark Shadow of the Abyss / This title is bestowed upon the strongest member of the order who is Lunar's Shadow or better. To become Dark Shadow of the Abyss, a member of the order challenges the current Leader. The first to force the other to submit, or kill his opponent is crowned the winner.

***A loser who is not killed in the battle is demoted a rank.

Members who are of Lunar's Shadow or greater receive a token through which they demonstrate a power given to them. An order member receives a new token in replacement of their last in which they can use through their token.

May only use the powers specified by the token, a character does not gain all the powers listed below as they advance in status.

  • Lunar's Shadow / White / Deals +10 extra damage on all attacks.
  • Lunar's Darkness / Smoke / Gains use of Whites Power, and has the ability to turn invisible at will for five rounds once per session.
  • Lunar's Abyys / Gray / Gains use of White Power, and may summon a demon to fight by his / her side for three rounds.
  • Darkness of the Abyss / Shadow / Gains use of Smokes Power, may summon a demon to fight by his / her side for five rounds.
  • Dark Shadow of the Abyss / Black / Gains use of Shadows Powers, and may deal 1000 dmage to a single target, or distributed between many, good aligned targets.

***Distributing between targets means that you deal 100 damage evenly. Between 4 targets would mean dealing 250 damage to each, or any variations that would equal up to 1000.

Special Weapons:
Once you acquire a token, you have access to two swords, The Elemental Sword and The Ethereal Sword. The Elemental Sword is what you use to channel your power, placing your token in its pommel. The Ethereal Sword is also known as the Sword of Bones. The Sword of Bones is used by members of Darkness of the Abyss and Dark shadow of the Abyss to deal +100 damage to Angels.

***To obtain the Sword of Bones a member must be of Darkness of the Abyss or Dark Shadow of the Abyss status.
Regular damage dealt by this weapon is based on its quality as usual.

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