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Post  Arou on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:20 pm

There are only a few rules and guidelines one needs to consider when posting in the chat rooms.

Number one:

The character is not you. Any Out-Of-Character referances should be made VIA a PM or an email to the other individual(s).

Number Two:

Players need to post the current statistics of their character at the beginning of the session. These statistics will be used through out the session and can not be changed. This is to ensure the equality during a sessions game play.

A session is a topic, set discussion, quest, or event that you're character is currently participating in. If say, somewhere in that session your character had something happen and you believe you should be stronger, weaker, etc. then just open a new topic. This is to ensure that we mitigate players who want to, "Fast Track" there way to a god.

Number three:

Any act of misconduct, such as rape, abuse, and torturing should be kept at a minimum. We do have members that are underage. And it should ONLY be done through PM's. ANY AND ALL conducts of sexually explicit role playing done on the forum will result in an immediate ban.

****Any sexually explicit material done with any player under the age of 18 will be removed. That player will also be removed from the board and may be subject to legal motions. Please make sure, make sure, make sure, and keep in contact with board administrators if you will be doing so. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule. Sexually explicit content is for 18 years or older for a reason, and Ecalphri intends to keep it that way.

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