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My Name is Arou

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My Name is Arou Empty My Name is Arou

Post  Arou on Sat Mar 03, 2012 7:44 pm

"Hi, My name is Arou. I come from the Kingdom of Pheosyn and yeah...I'm a Celzvein."

Arou was born a Celzvein around 24 years back, and it was not a hard decision for his parents to dishonor him for his difference. He spent the majority of his life hiding out with the other Celzvein in the cities they were granted, but nothing felt right. He would fly around the skies and try and see as far as he could, past the Land of Flowers and even further beyond.

He always dreamed of finding those few who he could cal his true friends. To find an adventure worth taking, risks worth giving for, and people worth helping. He developed a drive, a sense of purpose to always pursue what he felt was most important. Happiness, not just for himself but for all. He is driven to help everyone he can, to put a smile on everyone's face and he will never quit.

This has sometimes put him in danger, and yet with a smile on and a head held high, he presses on if it means fighting for what he believes in. For what someone else believes in, helping them, saving them, protecting them. That is his entire purpose. It is his journey, and it has become a never ending adventure. He couldn't be happier, and he cant wait for the days he will meet even more friends along the way.

When there is nothing to gain by quitting except defeat....why quit?
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