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Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:27 am

Anhen Moon-f10

Anhen are ambitious fairy folk that are exiled children of the Gods and mortals. They continuously rain down from the sky. A commoner who knows not of them would refer to one such event as seeing a shooting star.

Anhen are shy around other races for their tendencies to try and capture them. But among their own kind, and those they trust, the Anhen become a worthwhile companion. They dance and sing with the most beautiful voices. And it has been known that they base their leadership upon which of them has the voice most serene. It is said that the Queen of the Anhen once rendered an battlefield hypnotized with her voice. Running on a Hierarchy rule, the Queen makes all the decisions to ensure the survival of their kind.

Standing only about 9 to 10 inches tall, the Anhen are a fair and beautiful race. They have translucent wings that flutter at high speeds to carry their weights. Leaving small trails of shimmering sparks behind them as they fly. They are commonly scared and shy, and never fight more than they flee. To be able to talk to an Anhen is an extremely honored event and should be taken so. But for all their frailty they are not to be trifled with in battle. Caution to those who find an evil Anhen.

Neutral Good

Seas, Rivers, Wetlands, mountains, and Forests

Strength: 10 / +0
Intelligence: 8 / +0
Wisdom: 16 / +2
Dexterity: 16 / +2

Hit Points: 65
Armor Class: 4

Special Abilities / Combat:
they are immune to all mind affects.
Anhen use stunning powers to stun their enemies before stabbing them with their poisonous swords.

Stun Strike (Magic) : Stuns opponent for two turns
Poison (Melee) : Deals 5 points of damage per round


Uncommon Sword : 10 Damage per hit

Anhen do not do well with water.

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