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Rules and Standards for Creating a Creature

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Rules and Standards for Creating a Creature Empty Rules and Standards for Creating a Creature

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:56 am

To Create a Creaure for Qualification, a player must meet this Criteria:

  • Must have a unique name for copyright purposes ** (Please state in parenthesis what the creature is. See already created Creatures for examples)
  • Must have a corresponding picture
  • Must have a History
  • Must have a working society of some sort
  • Must have a written knowledge of all special Abilities
  • Must have a written Knowledge of how it fights
  • Must have a written knowledge of its weaknesse(s)

No statistics please!
You can make a note for its combat focuses and stat focuses based on the information given, but thats all.

Please send Arou a PM with the information needed. Or send it VIA Email if you wish at

For players, an Administrator will upload your picture with the stats we believe suit its needs. Thereafter a corresponding amount of points will be donated to your character in return.

For fellow Administrators / Staff members who are Creating a Creature, please send the information in the same manners. A reply will be sent out with the statistics for you to post it in the Creature Form.


All Creatures and Submitions are subject to the Terms of Service and hereby grant the service and its staff full use to execute any an all necessary actions against, or with your said submition / creature.

Please keep in mind these stat guidelines we use for creature based statistics. Creatures who cannot fit in these categories will be modified, most likely disdainfully to suit the sites needs or will be ignored entirely.

Difficulty Ranking:
Low: For characters level 1 - 10

Medium: For characters level 11 - 30

High: For characters level 31 - 50

Very High: For characters level 51 - 70

Epic: For character level 71 - 90

Legendary: For characters level 91 +

HP, Statistics, Weapon ranking, and Caster Level are also determined by Ranking as by the following: (These are the maximum values in the order HP, Stat, Weapon)

Low: 100 / 16 / Uncommon / Novice

Medium: 800 / 28 / Superior / Initiate

High: 2200 / 37 / Grand Master / Master

Very High: 4500 / 44 / Dread / Grand Master

Epic: 9000 / 49 / Epic / Sage

Legendary: 12000 / 50 / Legendary / Master Sage

All creatures are subject to removal if they seem to jeopardize the integrity of the service.

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