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General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:57 pm

Strict Rules:

  1. As artists, we understand the desire to find just the right picture to represent your character. We do have guidelines for images used in chat. Any explicit sexually themed pictures will be asked to be removed. This is to include, but not limited to, skimpy clothed characters, nudity, partially covered privates, and scenes. Administration reserves the right to handle and maintain this rule by any means necessary. This is a public forum, with children under the age of 18 and we will not tolerate that kind of display with minors. We are here to have fun, so let us all enjoy having fun.

  2. Links posted within the chat must be appropriate for all ages. People posting links to adult material will result in that player being removed from the site, as well as anyone posting links to websites dealing with illegal activities. Administration again will verify and holds all rights as to what is deemed inappropriate for the forum.

  3. General Internet etiquette applies whether you are in character or out of character. There is no way we could write up a whole document on what all that behavior is, but there are a few points that need to be touched on for they are particularly sensitive.

  4. Giving away any sort of real life information about the person behind the character is particularly bad. This includes the handle names of other characters the person plays.

  5. Flaming is not allowed, even if your a pyro-prone wizard...

  6. Ecalphri has standards above other chats and we strive to keep a great community of experienced and/or enthusiastic role players. We also have a certain ambiance within the chat and always have. We are fussy about chat names, settings, themes and races. And now after a couple of years of watching and debating, we have decided it's time to act upon the narrative styles used throughout the chat.

  7. Going forward, within the chat, 1st person and 3rd person, present tense, are preferred . 3rd person, past tense, is tolerated. 3rd person, future tense is no longer permitted in role play with Ecalphri.

  8. What is 3rd person, future tense? An example would be - She would enter the inn and sit down. She would order her coffee. She would flick a peanut at the barkeep. Essentially, describing an action as if it WILL happen. Either you're character is doing, or has already done an action.

  9. Sexually explicit material in public rooms of chat is a violation of the Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated, if you want to have a sexual chat, then find another site or use the private messaging system.

  10. We understand the necessity for OOC clarification during role-play; we have private messaging for that purpose. Be courteous to your fellow role player and keep IC rooms In Character.

  11. NPC Characters are allowed as long as they do not violate the terms of acting as an additional playable character. Although NPC characters are developments of ones personal character, an NPC character may only be played through ones original character and cannot be stronger in any way than a normal human being.

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