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The Fair Race of the Forest Born - Silvrein and Sirvantil

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The Fair Race of the Forest Born - Silvrein and Sirvantil Empty The Fair Race of the Forest Born - Silvrein and Sirvantil

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:02 pm

The Fairest of all the races are the Forest born of the Silvrein. Created days after their Abstanian predecessors after Rixanvir and Lilliansenrein wished for the new beings to be more beautiful. The Silvrein were the results of the most finest work of both Suidonkei and Virna.

They immediately took to the forests, building their entire kingdom within the boundaries of the trees that surrounded them. They live in a democratic government that has a ruling King and Queen that act as the racial standard. These are merely guidelines and serve only that purpose. Most of the Silvrein live as they see fit abiding only by the customs and regards of morality to a given situation.

They tend to be overly curious towards things outside of their forest, and particularly towards the customs of other people. Though all have a high sense of moral pride, only the few can actually be offended.

This race contributes to more than half of the population gathered within the Kingdom. They are fair haired with softly smoothed skin. Deep, intelligent eyes gaze out from their seemingly perfect features. Aging slowly and maturing quickly, the Silvrein are unparalleled in the ways of culture and conduct.

The are very prideful, but are adept as to hide that fact from others and have one of the greatest memories of any race. As they are long lived, they take to those with shorter lifespans as youngish despite any cultural difference of their own race.

The Silvrein have two major abilities that place in the spectrum of an extraordinary being. The first of these is their uncanny accuracy, for as long as their eyes can see, their bow will never miss. It is said that even a dying Silvrein can still shoot a man a hundred feet away. The second, and the undoubtedly the more powerful of the two, is the Silvrein's ability to heal. A Silvrein's healing abilities is its most primary defense, as it enables the Silvrein member to heal almost any injury upon itself.

Not all Silvrein dwell in the forest, and not all are as fair as they were made to be. The Silvantil was the name bestowed upon the Silvrein who took to the deep caves and underground terrains within the kingdom. Though they were not all together shunned, they were not in the highest of standings.

All of Sirvantil have dark skin with light colored hair. They have pale eyes they use to see in or through any darkness which they use to their advantage constantly. They are considerably more muscular than their Silvrein counterparts and have a higher sense of survival. The tend to be hasty making descicions, but retain their calm demeanor in all but the most savage situations.

Though they can see perfectly in any darkness, the Sirvantil have one other supernatural ability that sets them apart. That ability is none other than the control of disease. This ability allows Sirvantil members to inflict or cure any object with a disease of his specialty. It used both as a defense and an offensive ability and is formidable in any use.

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