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The Strength of the Mountain Race - Nestori

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The Strength of the Mountain Race - Nestori Empty The Strength of the Mountain Race - Nestori

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:03 pm

After Suidonkei and Virna created Orusidus and Cesesia, the two created Deities began to play fun with the already created races. Together, Orusidus and Cesesia took a handful of Abstantrein and altered them completely. These altered Abstanrein's were given the name Nestori and taken in by the God Nestrein. They are incredibly distrusting of magic and magic users alike and tend to become the most practical of all the races.

Their government is constructed of Clans that determine the what "race" a Nestori might be. Though all Nestori are the same despite the different clans, short of slight differences in features and social habits, the Nestori have a song sense of Clan Pride. This Clan Pride has gone so far as clan's classifying other clans as entirely different races all together.

These clans are in a sense, branches that make up the government of Nestori. Each clan governs a specific aspect of Nestorian life and chooses a representative to make the decisions for the whole of the Nestorian race. These decision are then given to a High King or Queen who represents all the clans and makes a final decision.

The Clans:

When choosing the Nestorian race, one must also choose a residing Clan to which to be a part of. Nestori characters MUST have a clan.

A clan member is ranked by his beard length. This is a government hierarchy in all clans. A Nestori with no beard is not a Nestori. Beards are grown by both male and female Nestori.

Beard Length - Ranking Title within Clan

Neck Length - Worker
Chest Length - Warrior
Gut Length - Scholar
Waist Length - Nobleman
Thigh Length - Leader
Knee Length - Sovereign

Beard Thickness is a varying factor for which Ranking within the social standings stand. A beard of the indicated thickness cannot achieve a title past the said title rank. Though say, a thin beard with the length of his or her thigh is sure to still be respected.

Scraggly - Worker
Thin - Scholar
Hairy - Nobleman
Thick - Leader
Thick and Corded - Sovereign

  • Aeldenkir (Earth Elders):
    The oldest and biggest of all the clans, the members of Aekdenkir resemble the strongest of all Nestori. Their skin is tanned to a brilliant bronze and of course their beards are none but the hairiest. It was the first clan to be set in the great Kingdom of Morganmor and it runs the upkeep of the mountains. They reside in the city Throans.

  • Gerndra (Great Crafters):
    The second clan to be derived from the Nestorian race. It is only slightly smaller than Aeldenkir, and the same goes for their beards. Though they'll never let it be known. These Nestorian's have rather unusual skin, where a leathery burnt look exchanges the tanned bronze. They are the blacksmiths, carpenters, and crafters of the kingdom.
    They rule inside the walls of Mrathreirn.

  • Stratunhire (Knowledge and Power):
    The third clan is the Stratunhire. Their beards are long and their wisdom is wise. They are the cretors, the inventors and the scholars. They are in charge of not only inventing tools of the future, but also for keeping every minute detail of Nestorian history engraved into the millions of books already compiled. Their beards are long yes, but other Nestori whisper about the paleness of their skin. Though never to their faces. The reside in the city of Rixanmir.

  • Hrathvendir (Bloody Hunters):
    These are the wild Nestori who live within the Watrenvirn city. They are rulers of the food produced in the land. The are both hunter and farmer, fisher and skinner. Their skins are a deeply rich golden brown with think long beards. The only clan to wear war paint at all times as well. But this clan, the fourth clan in the running, has a second purpose. They guard against the Underdark that resides within the city of Moranscolt.

  • Praxxass (Grave Masters / The Arcane):
    The smallest and inconceivably the most intriguing of all the clans is the fifth clan. Under normal circumstances this clan is simply the keepers of the dead. All Nestori who fall, whether in combat or in age pass through their hands. Though that is just the cover up. To the High Kings and Queens of the Clan's the Praxxass are a small group of Nestori that chose to branch out into the world of Magic. They are healers to those who would not otherwise live. And they are the secret guard of all who might do harm to the Kings and Queens of the Clans. Though the vast majority of Nestori despise magic, few know of this clans actual purpose, so as to protect the honor of those who are its members. They have ranging beards, and varying skin tones that there is no way to truly describe then accurately.

  • Draedenkaern (Blood Pact):
    The sixth clan to come together is made up of only warriors. They are few, but none have bested them in their prowess of combat. They are the strongest, fiercest, and bloodiest of any of the seven clans. Their dark skin and beards are usually always tinted with the slight redness from the blood and gore that constantly covers them. They are the first line of defense for all the clans and the Nestorian's backbone of warriors. Residing in the great battle city of Gurachshol.

  • Ryuondrir (The Dark Hand):
    They are the seventh and final clan of the Nestorian race. They are the shunned, the outcast, and the dishonored of the Nestori. Some have beards, others do not. Though even in this clan of dishonor Nestori without beards are in no great standing with these few either. Their skin is a ranging variety of the darkest colors. For they almost never venture outside of their dark domains.

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