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The Clever Race of the Wetlands - Kendeskian

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The Clever Race of the Wetlands - Kendeskian Empty The Clever Race of the Wetlands - Kendeskian

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:04 pm

There is none more aggravating, but also more brave and clever as the Kendeskian race. The resemble short little Silvrein in appearance. Though this childlike race is characterised best as having curly hair, broad smiles, unnerving curiosities, and complex society.

They have a government, well at least they do when outsiders are around. When an outsider comes around they randomly choose a leader and do what he says until the outsider leaves. When they are in their own presence, they act as they will and do as they will. The only actual form of rules are set by the wealthiest and most inventive families. And the families all compete to be the best at something. Whether it be mead drinking, inventing, thievery, or farming a family is always striving to be the best at their profession. And their are at least four times as many families as there are professions, so naming them all would be a task that could take years. In fact, families compete to see who can record all the family names the fastest. It is crazy, they know.

They are always up for a good laugh, and to crack a good joke even when it is not the best time for one. They know how to act tough and seem smart when they need to be too. They can be very talkative, almost to an annoyance, but they do understand one thing above all.

"Give and you shall get it back."

To some Kendeskian that means that if you are to treat another in a certain way, they shall treat you with the same courtesy.

To others that means that if they do a favor for you, you are indebted for eternity until you repay it.

For others that means fair trade.

And even others it means that you may trade an item for something you need, and steel it back later.

There are a multitude of personalities, habits, and confusions that come along with any Kendeskian. For one to figure them all would have to join the family that has already begun doing just that.

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