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The Great Races of Light and Dark - Halphien, Envirkan, Syveks

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The Great Races of Light and Dark - Halphien, Envirkan, Syveks Empty The Great Races of Light and Dark - Halphien, Envirkan, Syveks

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:05 pm

In the ages after the creation of the Abstantain, the Goddess Lisusae and the God Draemsonvir created a race of warriors to continue their merciless battle of light and dark. Lisusae's golden skinned Halphien and Draemonsvir's resurrected Envirkan. For years these warriors fought constantly in the land of the Deities. But when Syvekraz and Hemesth stepped in to quench the savage violence, they two races were sent down into the land of mortals as the two immortal races.

The members of the remaining armies settled abroad the races of the realms. They had no kingdom of their own, and no place to call their own. So they migrated with the races of their virtue. The Halphien living with those closest to the Light while the Envirkan delving into the Darkness with others who followed. Some of each race savored their freedom from the armies and war and chose to be neither light nor dark. These select few have been given the titles Syveks, meaning to walk in the grey.

Any form of government between the two races is futile. But mutual respect of those who happened to be of higher rank when the armies still existed are a courtesy.

They are fair, almost golden skinned, with usually light colored hair. Tall and slender they are only compared by beauty from those of the Silvrein. They are fair in judgement, and stick strongly to the laws of the land, no matter the cost. They are very prideful, but not in the sense that they are overly so. They speak grandly, and they hold themselves in very high standings when in the presence of other Halphien.

They have an unusual grayish tint to their skin and almost always have black hair. Ruthless and unmerciful they do as they please. They know no bounds when it comes to laws of the land, where none can even hope to approach their pedestal standing. When others meet their is a mutual understanding at first glance, but no more than that. Individualists to the core, none, not even kin matter to them so much as themselves.

Syveks: (You must pick a base race of either Halphien or Envirkan before choosing this race)

Syveks are the wanderers of the land. They turn to neither light nor dark and will dabble in each equally. The tend to be open to all things rather than closed off to only the select few. They are made up of both Halphien and Envirkan, and though they retain their normal appearances, they are indeed completely different from their counterparts. Though they are not all shunned by members of their fellow races, they are not in particular good standing. As such, they tend to avoid each other when possible.

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