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The First Born of the First Race - Abstantain

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The First Born of the First Race - Abstantain Empty The First Born of the First Race - Abstantain

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:05 pm

As the first creations of Suidonkei and Virna, Abstantain's were the first race to walk the lands of Ecalphri. They are the broadest of all the races, and the shortest lived. They are neither light nor dark oriented, but many have chosen to walk either path and some even the center isle. They come in varying sizes, and colors and none look alike.

They are brave and courageous, never deterred from their passion or profession. And with those, there is at least as many as their are Kendeskian families.... ok maybe half as many as Kendeskian families.

They are intelligent, discovering things quickly and becoming master in their chosen fields. This is the most broad spanned, generic race of them all. None can compete with their variety of culture and society.

Abstanian government is derived into a form that closely resembles the Nestorian's system. A reigning King and Queen host all the Kingdoms needs and decisions from the Kingdom Capital. Those decisions are then sent to the neighboring towns and villages where they are enforced. Each village has a village headmaster who reports to the town representative who then represents the opinions as a whole to the King and Queen.

Though each Town and Village are allotted their own rules of governing themselves, laws passed down from the Kingdom are enforced everywhere. Other than that, and the monthly taxes, villages and towns alike are allotted to live and support for themselves.

Society is all to complex to understand ranging from respectful gentlemen and ladies to thieving barbarians and rogues. It is a a structure riveted with flaws and holes teetering to collapse on itself. But it remains strong for spite all its flaws, its base ground is strong. And that is the constant pursuit of ones desires. That is what it means to be Abstantain.

When there is nothing to gain by quitting except defeat....why quit?
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