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Character Sheet Guidelines

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Character Sheet Guidelines Empty Character Sheet Guidelines

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:10 pm

This guide will help you to find the correct tabs to fill in your character sheet in your profile.

Things to keep in mind:

Your character is not you, so make it someone completely different.
The number of points you obtain act as your currency for all things within the game. You may only "spend" as much as you have.

Points are spent by choosing stat ranks, weapons, enhancements, levels, and items.

So balance your character wisely!

Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Dexterity:

Stats Guidelines

They should be written as such:

Strength: 12 (+1) --- indicating your rank and corresponding bonus.

Hit Points:

Combat Guide

Hit points are generated by calculating 50 + (Your total amount of posts).
--- Hit Points are furthered explained in the combat guide.

Armor Class:

Combat Guide

Armor Class is generated by calculating 10 + your dexterity bonus.
--- More on Armor Class in the Combat section.

Caster Level:

A players Caster Level refers to ones ability to cast magical and mental powers. It can be found in the Combat and Shops tab.




A character may have up to four kinds of weapons of his choice. Each weapon starts out as a common weapon with no other varying abilities other than "It is what it is."

Weapons are categorized by quality inside the Weapons Shop. There a player can upgrade, or downgrade his weapons damage abilities as they see fit. They can also add enhancement bonuses by following the Enhancement Guide found on the same tab.

No other Abilities or qualities may be used on weapons.

Special Items:

Magical Items

Special Magical items can be found in the Miscellaneous Magical Items in the same tab.

They will be formatted in this way:

"Name of Item" - "Items Abilities and Bonuses"

Special Abilities:

Special Abilities are defined as abilities that your character poses as an individual. These abilities range over a vast expanse of varying possibilities.

These include spells, mental attacks and defenses, tricks, and other things that range to just about anything you want.

The decisions of what abilities your character can posses and how many are up to you.

Please keep in mind that a characters abilities are subject to criticism. If an ability is found to be to powerful or a single character has to many abilities, that characters player will be asked to either reformat, change, or even delete entirely said abilities.

Other Creation Tools You will Need:

"Because everyone loves a little, razzle dazzle."

Deities and Lore
"Always have to know where your roots are."

Character Races
"Find out who you truly are!"

Start your adventure here by telling us who your character is!


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