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How Combat Works

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How Combat Works Empty How Combat Works

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:17 pm

Combat is based on a set of statistics chosen by the player, or by the players activity within the forums.

Attacker will decide the Action.
  • Arou slashed at the Shadows body with his Damascus, aiming for the weak spots he was sure would deal the most damage if he landed the blows. (Along with any other appropriate supporting details. Just remember that you can visualize an outcome, but cannot actually take an action on one.)

Defender decides the reaction.
  • Defenders must take into account the quality of the attack. If a player scores well over your AC, then describe an attack that would encompass that. If an attack barely hits or misses, the same general appropriateness applies. No one likes a God Mod. Understand that no one can physically kill but no character in Ecalphri is immune to heavy injury.
  • Shadow feels the tearing of its body as the serrated blade is torn through its flesh. It screams in agony.
  • Shadow feels its body tear slightly as the blade cuts into his side. It paused, thankful it was able to avoid the colossal damage it could have sustained and prepared for a counter strike.
  • The shadow barely avoids damage, and retaliates quickly striking up towards Arou's exposed chin with its taloned claws. Hoping to tear the flesh from his skull.

Hit Points:

Hitpoints will be allocated through your number of posts plus a base health of 50. So in that way a character is constantly growing even past level 100.

TOTAL HIT POINTS = 50 + (Number of posts)

A character starts with a total amount of hit points per session.

Incapacitated Characters:
When a character is reduced to zero hit points, that character becomes incapacitated. A character will be unable to take actions during incapacitance and is subject to automatic strikes by any opponent. They are also render incapable of using any and all special abilities from any source. Another player may "revive"a said player so they may move, but once a character reaches 0 health they may not take any other combat related actions for the remainder of the session.

A dying character must meet to criteria:
    A character must fall below 0 hitpoints.
    A characters player must make the decision to allow their character to die. If they do not make this decision, a character will be rendered incapacitated no matter what degree of combat has been taken.

Armor Class / Defending:

Armor Class is your physical bearing. An attack cannot harm you unless they break this defense. Your defense is based off your Dexterity score, and is calculated as such:

10 + (Dexterity bonus) = Armor Class

Armor Class is used to defend against Physical attacks. To use your Armor Class, first you must calculate your total. In this case we will assume a character has a Dexterity level of 32, which would give them a Dexterity Bonus of (+8 ).  This will make their Armor Class (AC) a total of 18.

In order for another character to deal damage, they're attack roll must be higher than your opponents AC.


An attack can be one of three different attack styles:


A physical attack uses the bonus from Strength. It includes any attack made by mundane means, such as by sword or by bow and arrow. To make a successful physical attack, you add your strength bonus to your total dice roll.

A Magical attack uses the bonus gained from Wisdom. It includes spell casting, conjuring, and enchanting.

A Mental attack uses the bonus gained from Intelligence. It includes telepathy, Telekinesis, Psionics, and any other attacks that require concentration through the mind.

To make a successful attack, an attacker must break the value of an opponents Armor Class plus his defenders roll. An attacker must roll for each attack that character is making.

Using Arou's temporary Armor Class of 18, and a Shadows attack modifier of +7, this will demonstrate how combat works.

Shadow attacks Arou using a longsword.
Shadow rolls for its attack and gets 14.
Shadow new attack power is 21.
Arou's Armor Class is 15.
The Shadows attack is successful, and will deal damage to Arou.

Number of Attacks:

The number of attacks a character can make in a single round is based on a players Advancement Level.

Rank 1 - Rank 6: 1 Attack
Rank 7 - Rank 13: 2 Attacks
Rank 14: 3 Attacks

A player may only use one type of attack style per round. A character who makes a physical attack may only make physical attacks for that round/post. A player who makes a Magical attack may only make magical attacks, and so on.

Please read the Combat Posting Basics for further information on combat rules.

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