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The Turning Point

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The Turning Point Empty The Turning Point

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:25 pm

It was late in the years to come when warring tribes of the Animal Kingdom began to war against each other alongside their respective High Deities. Seeing the turmoil that seemed to be ongoing, Rixanvir and Syvekraz created four Deities to help govern the struggle of war between both the Immortal and Mortal alike.

Dimellesveil and Sylva, the couple who ruled over the tides of War developed the governing factors that would enable the world from being totally consumed from the destruction's of war. Then came Cylusleneau and Frillneir who governed the Tranquility that interspersed itself between the ravages of war.

Then, quite suddenly, the Gods and Goddess were faced with a new problem that existed in their own faulty planning. The world was dying, for none were the guardians of the land itself. Hurriedly the Lords of Creation along with the High Deities created six Guardian Deities to maintain the land they governed.

Trein and Sailein were the first to be created, overlooking the animals and the nature itself as a overall ruler. Followed almost immediately were Frensil and Hesphitian, the brothers of the sea and streams. Together they made sure that the waters of the land stayed healthy and untainted.

The last sibling guardians to be born were Nestrein and Hiphritia. Though they assumed to dislike each other, they together governed the last remaining territories of the land. The brother, Nestrein took over the high mountain ranges and hillsides while his sister took to the forests and marshes of the simpler climate.

Then came the time when the land of Ecalphri was to explode with life. Rixanvir and Lilliansenrein consulted one another for a time before agreeing to create the new races that would undoubtedly rule over the land of mortals. Suidonkei, the God of Man and Virna the Goddess of Woman were created and cast the task of creating the first race of Ecalphri, the Abstanrein.

Together they constructed the Goddess Thora, who would bestow the bodies with movement and intellect. Then, using the enormous power the were granted, created the first two Abstanreinian's.

When Rixanvir and Lilliansenrein found the newly created creatures, they agreed that the a new race must be as beautiful as the land itself. And so, Suidonkei and Virna created Vianth and Aemor, the God and Goddess of Love and Beauty. Together the four created the second race called the Silvrein. The Silvrein were indeed beautiful and Rixanvir and Lilliansenrein were pleased with the work of Suidonkei and Virna.

But just as Rixanvir and Lilliansenrein were to depart, did their Brother Lord Syvekraz come down from his lone chamber and see the creation. He immediately told his fellow Creators that a balance must be made to keep the world at order. With his judgement in mind, Rixanvir took the two Silvrein creatures into his hands and created exact copies of both. But the copies were not exact, with the colors of their features were rendered dark and unnatural. To this race, Rixanvir bestow the name Sirvantil.

And so the creation process continued to better the two races as the prospered. Suidonkei and Virna later created Caidos and Xymes to inspire lust and desire into the minds of each body. Helping to speed up the growth of the races so that they may not be overrun by the other already dominant animals.

They created Ymonthel and Gelia the twin sister Goddess who governed the races abilities of Honesty and Deceit. They helped to inspire conquest and tranquility within the races and soon, the two prospered significantly. They also created Aronsil and Myrna who guided the new races along the fields of sleep and dreams.

But then, the High God Cevern came onto Virna. He pleaded with her to create a race of men and woman who would fly with him in the sky so that he may not be alone to which she had respectfully refused. Undeterred Cevern flew to Suidonkei who agreed to create the race of Pheonix Born. He labored as he set fourth a single male who looked more as a bird than man. At the same time, feeling guilty about saying no to Cevern, Virna had created the first woman Phoenix Born in her image. Through the confusing arrangement of both male and female counterparts Cevern happily left with his new race to which he bestowed them two names, The Female Sindotri and the Male Sindiskone.

Upon seeing the newly created race without a counterbalancing equivalent, Syvekraz created two new Deities. They were Uthisopre and Iristri, the God and Goddess of Tyranny and Madness. Together these two Deities infiltrated the minds of corrupted men and woman and poisoned their minds with the will of darkness.

Rixanvir was appalled by the discovery of the arrival of these deities and as an act of blindness created Orusidious and Cesesia. Together these Deities of Laughter and Drama went fourth to combat Uthisopre and Iristri. Though their ways were albeit veracious. Soon after their creation they took a stone from the mountain sides and turned it into living beings. Cesesia became saddened that they did not look like everyone else, and gave them flesh and bone, instead of stone. Orusidious decided that they should still be different then the rest, such as they were, and made them short and stocky. With wild hair growing from their head to their feet. These new beings were to be known as Nestori when they were taken in by the Guardian Nestrein. But Orusidious and Cesesia's acts of humor were not done yet, and they changed members of the Sindotri into shorter versions as well. These beings were taken in by the Guardian Hiphritia, who took pity on the poor souls, and were soon bestowed the name Kendeskian. Soon after, Rixanvir withdrew some of his power from the two, as to limit their abilities solely to govern the more humorous aspects of life and mind.

It was then that Rixanvir, Lilliansenrein, and Syvekraz realized that though they had created these new races, they had given them no purpose. And so together the created three brother Gods of Fate. Each was to govern an aspect of an individuals life and spin the web of history around them. They worked with all the Deities of both Light, Dark, and Grey and were none other than the keepers of the entity itself.

The first brother Draiven, took to the Dawn to govern the beginning of all living things.
The second, Craiven took to the Dusk to govern the end of all living things.
The third brother, which undoubtedly was the strongest of the three, chose to be master of time itself alongside that of Syvekraz. Together he worked almost side by side with Syvekraz in the Past, Present, and Future to determine the best results for both immortal and mortal alike.

Then, almost instantly and out of no where, four Deities emerged into the world. The first to arrive was Rustrissmu, the God of Knowledge. Second was his wife Vidiasin, the Goddess of Wisdom. The third and Fourth arrived almost moments after and were named Hecnoir and Viknira. These Deities introduced a matter that even the Governing Deities could not stop nor abolish, Magic. Rustrissmu and his wife introduced Magic to the world as whole, while Hecnoir and his own wife gave their Dark Magic powers to all those of the corrupted heart. Soon, the energy of Magic filled the air of the land.

The Gods began to move to strike down the imposing Gods and Goddesses but the Goddess Nescea of Light and the God Antegorvsi of Darkness intervened. They spoke that the Magic was a good thing, and that it should be permitted to stay. And finally, after much consulting and debating, the magic was granted its power.

But the tranquil agreement was to be short lived, for Nescea and Antegorvsi were to face in combat once more, this time with beings both God and Mortal.

Nescea was the first to strike, using the wisdom of Suidonkei and Virna she created the Halphien who flew on angel's wings to finally abolish the darkness. Though, Antegorvsi was quick to counter and created his bloodsucking army of Envirkan. The battle was merciless, and only when it had drained everything but both sides did it stop. After the battle some renounced their claim to either side, and these became the Syvek. The remaining forces sought to be freed of the war were given places upon the land in which to live.

But the fighting that had taken place had set forth a terrible power. The magic in the air stirred, and not even its founders could control what was to happen next. The Dragons. And with them came the three sibling Deities. First was Avax, lord of the Subliminal. His brother, The Nameless One, came closely after and governed the void. Last came Unis, Goddess of the Ethereal.

The land is in what it is now.
This is the land of Ecalphri, in all its glory and darkness in one united balance.

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