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The Deities and Their Respective Domains

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The Deities and Their Respective Domains Empty The Deities and Their Respective Domains

Post  Arou on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:26 pm

Lord Deities:

Rixanvir – High God of Creation, the Universe, and Generation
- Known as Father Sky
Lilliasenrein – High Goddess of Elements, Seasons, and Generation
- Known as Mother Earth
Syvekraz – High God of Heaven and Hell
- Known as Lord of Souls

High Deities:

Nescea – Goddess of Light, Sun, and Life
Antegorysi – God of Darkness, Moon, and Death
Hemesth – God of the Gray, Time, Writings, Magic, and the Soul.

Kridonus – God of Law, Life, and Unity
Ontenus: God of Chaos, Death, and Conflict
Phealusagei – God of Good, Happiness, and Health
Heractain – God of Evil, Suffering, and Fear
Minsivil – God of Neutrality, Culture, and Justice

Aduli – Goddess of Order and Life
Xyry – Goddess of Destruction and Death
Suseirn – Goddess of Righteousness and Protection
Aialosi – Goddess of Malice and Trickery
Lemeniai – Goddess of the Fair and Trade

Cevern – Phoenix God of the elemental Air, the Season Autumn, and the Winds.
Karraen – Mermaid Goddess of the elemental Water, the Season Winter, and the Storms.
Nestelordan – Mountain God of the elemental Earth, the Season Spring, and the Renewal.
Ysenest – Flame Apparition Goddess of the elemental Fire, the Season Summer, and the Devastation

Intermediate Deities:

Dimellesveil – God of War and Strength
Cylusiuneu – God of Tranquility and Harmony

Sylva – God of Victory, Defeat, and Pride
Frillneir – Goddess of Memory and Forgiveness

Rustrissmu – God of Knowledge and Magic
Vidiasiae – Goddess of Wisdom and Magic

Hecnoir – God of Knowledge and Dark Magic
Viknira – Goddess of Wisdom and Dark Magic

Vianth – God of Love and Music
Aemor – Goddess of Beauty and Fertility

Caidois – God of Persuasion and Sexual Desires
Xymes – Goddess of Seductive Speech and Sexual Yearning.

Ymonethil – Goddess of Ravaging and Deceit
Gelia – Goddess of Healing and Truth

Orusidus – God of Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, and Other forms of the Arts.
Cesesia – Goddess of Motherhood, Marriage, Pleasure, and other forms of Merriment.

Daiven – God of the Dawn and Fate
Craiven – God of the Dusk and of Fate
Sukonraven – God of Past, Future, and Fate

Suidonkei – God of Men, Understanding, and the Heart
Virna – Goddess of Women, Sympathy, and the Heart

Thora – Goddess of Thought and Perception

Avax - God of the Subliminal and the Night
Unis - Goddess of the Ethereal and the Day
The Nameless One - God of the Void

Uthisopre – God of Murder, Vengeance, and Tyranny
Iristri – Goddess of Nightmares, Madness, and Punishment

Draemonsvir – God of the Under Dark, Lord of Demons, and the Night

Lisusae – Goddess of the Celestial Plains, Priestess of Angels, and the Day

Aronsil – God of Sleep and Awakening
Myrna – Goddess of Dreams and Visions

Trein – God of Nature, Animals and Hunting
Sailein - Goddess of the Wild, Animals, and Nomads

Guardian Deities:

Frensil – God of the sea, the sands, and the rocky shores

Hesphitian – God of fresh-water: springs, fountains, streams, rivers, and lakes

Nestrein – God of Mountains, Hills, and Plains

Hiphrila – Goddess of Forests, Grasslands, and Marshes

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